Collar Styles

All of our beaded collars now have a side release buckle option. 

NOTE: Beaded collars will "loose" some length due to the space taken up by the thickness of the beads. We recommend adding 2 inches for large bead collars (18+ MM beads). Add 1" for collars made of beads smaller than 18MM. 

A slip on collar (we often refer to as our closed loop) will slip over your pet's head. It will fit looser than other collars as it must be sufficiently large enough to go around the largest part of your dog's head, which is typically right behind their ears.

The side release buckle is a standard dog collar buckle. By pressing in the sides, the buckle slide will release. This collar can fit a bit snugger as the circumference of your pet's neck is typically smaller than the largest portion of their head. These collars do not have a d-ring, but you are able to clip your leash, pet IDs, etc, directly on the cable loop that is created where the collar ties into the buckle. 

Our open Link (screw closure) collar is typically going to be a similar length as a nylon collar. It will also be able to fit snugger than a slip-on. You use an oval link, available at any hardware store or through our store, to connect the collar together. We do not include a link with collars as people purchase multiple collars and can use the same link for all collars. This helps keep costs down for our customers. Additionally, links come in a variety of sizes. Some customers prefer a smaller link, some an average size link, and some a relatively large gauge link. 

No matter which collar you pick, you can rest easy that it will be strong, durable, and beautiful.