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Will Santa Have Toys This Year?

Will Santa Have Toys This Year?

Every good boy and girl hopes Santa will bring them a toy at Christmas time. Here at Pibble Pearls we recognized our store was lacking something truly necessary: TOYS. It might have been Winston's love of his stuffies and his balls or maybe it was that glaring emptiness on our stockroom shelves where we hoped toys might someday go. Either way, we have started searching out toys and expect to have the product line up and running in time for your holiday shopping. Our first shipment is expected to arrive this week! 

While it would be easy to purchase any old toys, we are truly selective. We look for toys designed to be durable. Toys with a variety of engagement options. And yes, even toys for those of you who love a good selfie with your furbaby. Like our customers, we have a variety of dog sizes too. From our smallest dog Mojo, a Shih-Tzu mix to our baby in big dog's body, Winston, we will stock toys fit for both and everything in between. 

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