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Prong Collars - What Everyone Should Know

Prong Collars - What Everyone Should Know

I never thought I was a prong collar type of person. I believed the rumors and didn't want the bad reputation for me or my dog. Then I adopted Winston. Winston was not good on a leash and I needed to change that, immediately. Pitbull's have a worse reputation than prong collars so letting my dog behave poorly was not only feeding into the reputation of the breed but was also putting mine and Winston's safety at risk. 

I am by no means a dog trainer or an expert but I am always willing to learn from others. I talked to someone who was more knowledgeable and then I used YouTube University and Google Community college to wise up.

While the video linked below promotes a specific brand of collar, I have found success with the models we carry here at Pibble Pearls. 

You can find prong collars and prong collar shields in our store. 

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