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Mourning the Loss of A Beloved Pet

Mourning the Loss of A Beloved Pet

While this is a topic we don't want to think about, losing a pet is inevitable if you're an animal lover. Our lives are almost always longer than our furry family members'. As I watch my dear Mojo getting older, he just turned 13 in November, I am fully aware, our time is growing shorter. While I try to shove those feelings down, often with the help of chocolate, as I look at his cloudy eyes and see his joints stiffening, the truth becomes inescapable. 
So how do we comfort ourselves and allow ourselves to grieve the loss? I surround myself with animal lovers. If you don't love animals, I probably don't truly connect with you. Yet, I work for a corporation, and sometimes the grief I feel isn't understood by "big business" or my coworkers. How do I deal with those people? The truth is, I have learned not to let their opinions or thoughts get to me. My pet provided me with unconditional love and years of joy and happiness; the least I can do is ensure I mourn for them and grieve their loss no matter how others may feel about it. Honestly, it isn't their concern anyway. We are paid to do jobs, to provide a service, to make goods. We are not paid to harden our hearts, to shut out what makes us human. Allow yourself to feel sad, to hurt, to cry, to go through every phase of the grieving process. 
The Humane Society of the United States wrote a great article titledHow To Cope with the Death of a Pet. If you have lost your pet or are supporting someone who has, this my be a great read for you. 
The world is filled with animal lovers. You are never alone in your grief. Your relationship with your pet was unique and only yours, but how you're feeling can be shared with others. 
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