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Stand Out From the Pack!Stand Out From the Pack!
Customer Photos

Customer Photos

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We love to see our collars being enjoyed by our customer’s furry family and friends. Send in your photo to to be highlighted here.  


Rayne pretty in pink collar pibble pearrls

Rayne's mommy got her a Pretty In Pink collar. While we are big fans of the collar, she would pretty no matter what. ❤️












Blaze’s auntie got him a Chocolate Diamonds collar. He was already a treasure before but now he has some extra bling.












Bruno is the fastest dog in town. He might have a career in agility. Wearing his Posh Pooch collar he is ready for as much as life can give.












Turbo is confident in his doghood, sporting this pink beauty!










Mojo is sophisticated in his Black Tie Affaire collar. 










Thor is sporting his Cincinnati Bengals 🧡 pride!










Poppy wanted something sweet and girly. 🩷💜❤️











Dexter doesn’t have the blues with his new collars. 💙🩵



Dexter’s family got him a second collar. His family loves to show their love for 🇺🇸.



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